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Good evening Deviant Art,

I've been missing in action for a bit.  Admittedly a lot of my time had been committed to developing my new labor of love,  If you've seen my gallery, read my journals, or know me in just the littlest bit you know I am a huge Supergirl fan.  Hearing that they were going to develop a show, I spiraled me into a frenzy.  I'm not a good writer so I can't be a writer on the show.  I draw Supergirl all the time but I'm not a comic book artist nor does the show need any illustrations.  I am a terrible actor so no roles there for me.  The one way I really can contribute I guess was to build a site and try and consolidate on the news about the show.  So that is how I've decided to try and help this show. is my new hobby for sure.  In fact there are a lot my illustrations on there so its like a dual hobby!

So since I've been going 100% into making this news site, I have to echo what my site has already said, MELISSA BENOIST is cast as Supergirl!  Very exciting!  I think she is going to be the best choice and a terrific actress.  Some may know her from Glee.  I guess she had a big part on that show (not a watcher of Glee).  But some how, the fact that she can sing gives me even more confidence.

As for my drawing.  I haven't given up on that at all either.  I am working on a big project with that actually too.  Its going to take a while because its a few pages worth of art.  Not just a one shot like I normally do.  So stay tuned for that as well.

Thanks everyone for sticking around and continuing to support me. I really appreciate it.  Also, if you are a Supergirl fan, can I ask your further service and request that you visit my site and like me on facebook or follow me on twitter.

BTW, This is Melissa Benoist!

The Tumblr Link | The Best Supergirl Illustration Board | You Tube Channel |
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Melissa Benoist is Supergirl: 

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2 deviants said Other, please expain
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I seriously LOVE the ways you do Supergirl. The way you draw her and style is so fantastic
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Hi, Happy Birthday and hope you have a nice day as well :hug:
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